Govt should review decision of online classes: Riaz Yousafzai

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PESHAWAR: Riaz Khan Yousafzai, General Secretary, Peoples Students Federation, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has expressed big concern over the program of starting online classes at universities and demanded the government to review this decision as it was inapplicable and against the ground realities.

In a press statement issued on Monday, Riaz Yousafzai, GS, PSF, said that unfortunately still there was no internet facility in the major areas of the country so how the students would take part in the online classes, adding that the students and their parents were worried and demanding again and again to stop online classes and devise a plan as per the ground facts.

He further stated that the government should also grant a special package to universities by stopping them from taking fee from the students as in the prevailing situation majority of the parents were unable to pay the fee of their children, adding that it was hoped that the government would pay its due attention to the aforementioned problems of the students.

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