PSF opposes online classes in universities

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PESHAWAR: Pakhtun Students Federation (PSF) has strongly rejected the starting of online classes in universities and demanded the government to stop the initiative as it was impossible for all the students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to get their education through online education system.

Presidents and general secretaries of PSF in the universities of University Campus under the chair of Malik Hasnain, General Secretary, PSF, University of Peshawar, while addressing a press conference in Peshawar Press Club, said that there was no internet facility in the far-flung areas of the province, especially in the newly-merged tribal districts and most of the students over there even do not have smart phones so how they would manage to participate in the online classes? 

They stated that the Corona pandemic had seriously affected the whole economy and due to that majority of the parents didn’t have enough financial resources to pay the fee of their children studying at universities, therefore; the government should stop the universities from demanding fee from the students.

The PSF leaders warned the government that if it didn’t fulfill their demands, they would start agitation across the province to achieve the due rights of the students. They also urged the students to get in touch with PSF and join its movement for the cause of education.

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