FIA official denies allegations of travel agents

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PESHAWAR: Muttahida Travel Agents Association Mardan (MTAAM) on Friday had levelled several allegations against Shahid Ilyas, former Assistant Director, FIA, Mardan, however, he strongly denied all the allegations and said that he was a responsible officer and had brought many smugglers, human traffickers and other terrible criminals linked with MTAAM before the court for awarding them exemplary punishment and that’s why some elements in the association were angry with him and had been running smear campaign against him to damage his reputation.

While talking to Sunrise Today in response to a press release of MTAAM published in ST on Friday, Shahid Ilyas, AD, FIA, said that although he avoids responding to such elements through press as his performance speaks by itself, however, they should remember that he could not compromise on his duty and would do his best to safeguard the public from criminals who were destroying the society through their anti-human activities.

The FIA official said that he was satisfied with his performance and had the full support of his organisation for the cause of eliminating the crimes from society, adding that he would not bow to anyone for any pressure and would continue his duty as per the directions of his organisation.

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