Corona Relief Fund to include farmers: Naimat Roghani

Riaz Khan

MARDAN: President, Anjuman-e-Kashtkaran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Haji Naimat Shah Roghani has said that the production of wheat was very less in the province this year and it could be simply said that it was equal to non-existence. 

He expressed these views in a statement issued on Thursday. He said that wheat production this year was not even meeting the farmers’ expenses, adding that in the past the provincial government and agriculture department brought certified seeds from Punjab and sold to farmers throughout the province, however, this year the provincial government and agriculture department did not do so. 

He stated that due to this reason farmers were forced to purchase substandard seeds as their price was low, while due to heavy rains wheat crop also suffered from many diseases, especially ‘Surkhi’ disease that has wiped out and destroyed the production in the province and that’s why farmers gained only straw from the crop. 

He warned the provincial government that there would be a shortage of wheat in the province in the current year, adding that farmers are already living a miserable life and less production has created more problems for them. 

He appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to grant the status of industry to agriculture sector and include farmers in the Corona Relief Fund. He added that due to the lockdown, farmers were also facing problems just like other workers.

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