PSO demands 50% cut in university fee, provision of internet to ex-FATA

Wasim Sajjad

PESHAWAR: Amid the Corona pandemic poor and financially weak students are facing a lot of problems in the payment of their university fee. As the issue has been highlighting on social media, Pakhtunkhwa Student Organization (PSO), University of Peshawar chapter has demanded 50% cut or concession in the fee of all the students on immediate basis.

Kamran Khan, Secretary, PSO, UoP said that despite the fact that universities were closed but the administration of almost every university was demanding full fee from the students. “It is very clear that the businesses and jobs are badly affected due to the prevailing crisis but the universities are demanding fee that is very unsocial and inhuman attitude,” he added. 

He further said that the government was emphasizing again and again on starting online classes, however, the students of ex-FATA were deprived of internet so how they could participate in the classes without provision of internet, adding that the government should provide high speed internet service to the newly merged tribal districts in order to solve this issue.

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