Faculty’s promotion halted due to govt’s interference: Intellectual Forum

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PESHAWAR: The promotion of hundreds of teaching faculty members of the University of Peshawar has been halted for the last two years due to the unnecessary and illegal interference of the provincial government that has kept their careers at stake. 

The office bearers of the Intellectuals Forum - a representative group of the Peshawar University’s teachers, have expressed these views and showed deep concerns over the issue. 

They said that the University of Peshawar had advertised 76 positions of different teaching cadres, including lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor and professor in 2018, however, the appointments against these positions are still pending due to ban on appointments, imposed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government that’s why university’s teachers have submitted an appeal to Principal Secretary to the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa several months ago, but, no action has yet been taken in this regard. 

They said that the provincial government had imposed ban on appointments at the University of Peshawar based on a plea that university was facing financial crisis, however, the fact is that these posts were advertised in 2018 against the vacant budgeted posts, duly approved by the senate, and the reality is that these positions have no impact on the university’s financial status. Secondly, the government has also barred the Vice Chancellor from making appointments as has entered in the phase of last six months of his tenure, but there is no such provision in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Act, 2012 (Amended). 

The Intellectual Forum’s representatives said that due to this ban, a number of teachers got retired without availing their due right of appointment in higher grades. Furthermore, the contracts of many lecturers are expiring in June this year which cannot be renewed as per the Universities Act, while it is also very alarming that some of the departments in the university are running on adhoc basis that has pushed these departments towards academic and administrative mismanagement. 

They have demanded the provincial government to lift ban on all advertised positions of 2018 in order to provide due rights to the respected faculty members of the university.

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