Mutual assistance brings eternal joy

Sadaf Shinwari 

PESHAWAR: In every human society, helping others brings a feeling of fulfillment and extreme spiritual happiness as this seems to be the very essence of human existence. Human society has evolved through different stages and periods and living together in a group has been the eternal urge and it also helped changed the attitude towards one another from a primitive living in caves to modern life in planned towns and cities.  

This also created needs and demands and interdependence that forced again world people to sign up a social contract. Thus mankind lands into a spiritual political, social, economic and geo-strategic position and with increasing needs and demands with ever increasing population gives rise to various problems. However, human societies react and respond to issues and problems in a sympathetic manner.

Once there was a boy named Danish. He belonged to a poor family. One day he was passing through a forest. He suddenly saw an Oldman wearing worn out clothes. He was very hungry too. Danish wanted to help the Oldman out lying in miserable condition. He wished, he could help the Oldman but couldn’t as he had nothing with him at that very moment.

Danish continued walking through the forest thinking how he could help the poor man. On his way, his glance struck the sight of a young man, Zarif Khan. He wanted to set up a makeshift camp in the forest to study the medical effects of some wild plants on human beings. He was in urgent need of some wooden planks and twigs to set up his camp.

Danish walked up to the young man and asked him about his problem. “I need your help as I was passing through this way I saw an Oldman lying in very bad situation. Being a local resident, he quickly provided him with some wooden planks and dry twigs and also helped in setting up the camp. In return, Zarif Khan gave him some food items and cash and he rushed back to the Oldman and delivered food items and cash to him.  This made the Oldman happy who prayed for his good days.

However, one day Danish happened to pass through that way in the forest and unfortunately fell down the steep hill. He was in great pain and cried out for help as he could not move because of the serious wounds he received on his legs. There seemed to be no body around to help him out.

Not far away, the Oldman heard cry of Danish who came running and saw that he was in great pain due to serious leg injuries. He went up the place where Zarif Khan had set up his makeshift camp and requested him how he could help Danish bring out of his trying situation.  Both came along and Mr Khan provided him with first aid and also suggested some herbs. It helped Danish in speedy recovery and made him walk again.

Mutual assistance brought eternal joy to them and they pledged to spread the message that helping others with the spirit of humanism was a great blessing as it brings an endless joy.

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