Zeeshan Khanzada resigns from party membership

Riaz Khan Mayar

MARDAN: Pakistan People’s Party leader Zeeshan Khanzada has resigned from the basic membership of the party and announced to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). In this connection, he met Prime Minister Imran Khan at PM House, Islamabad where Defense Minister Parveez Khattak was also present.

It may be noted that Zeeshan Khanzada family is affiliated with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after it established. His father Senator Khanzada Khan several time contest election on PPP ticket and twice remained member of the national assembly. He also remained twice senator on PPP ticket. Khanzada Khan also remained provincial president of the party. Khanzada Khan remained very closed to PPP chairperson late Muhratima Banazir Bhutto.

He also supported the party in critical time. Khanzada Khan family also victimized in the former president Zia-ul-Haq government and their business was remained closed till 1988.  Khanzada Khan elder brother Haji Jalat Khan also won election of provincial assembly on PPP  in 1977.

Haji Jalat Khan also remained administer of tehsil municipal administration (TMA). Khanzada Khan family was considered strong supporter of PPP in Mardan district. However after the establishment of Pakistan Threek-e-Insaf (PPP) some of his relatives of Khanzada Khan including Mohammad Atif Khan join the PTI. In the 2008 election Khanzada Khan contest election on NA-11 and he was elected member of the national assembly. Later on he did a lot of developmental works in this constituency. However in the 2013 election Khanzada Khan lost this seat.

Later on his son Zeeshan Khanzada has started political struggle in this constituency. However before the 2018 general election former federal minister Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti join the party and wish to contest election on this constituency. Khanzada Khan left this seat for Khwaja Hoti and requested the party to allot provincial constituency PK-49 ticket to his son Zeeshan Khanzada. However due to the internal differences in the party the party allot ticket to widow of former PPP leader late Abdul Akbar Khan and ignored Zeeshan Khanzada.

However after this the youngsters of the family started pressure on Khanzada Khan to join other party as protest. However Khanzada Khan started struggles to convince his youngsters in this connection and did not want to finish his long affiliation with PPP. However due to the convincing of Khanzada Khan the youngsters of the family remained silent for one and half years but instead of this the party leadership did not contact Khanzada Khan and his family. However last night his son Zeeshan Khanzada meet Prime Minister Imran Khan and resigned the basic membership of the party and announced to join PTI. However senator Khanzada Khan remained in Pakistan people’s party.

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