KPPRA launches Diploma Program in Procurement and Supply Chain

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Procurement Regulatory Authority (KPPRA) in collaboration with World Bank launched a diploma Program in procurement & supply chain management here on Monday.

The program is a joint initiative of the KPPRA and World Bank under the Governance and Policy Program. The Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management endeavours to produce certified professionals in public procurement with the skills and knowledge required for efficient acquisition of goods, works and services.

The diploma program is on the fact that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has dire shortage of qualified procurement professionals and thus there is need to support the ongoing professionalization of the procurement process.

This is in line with KPPRA Act and the recommendations given in National Procurement Strategy (NPS), Government of Pakistan notified by Pakistan Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

Addressing the participants, the Director, Capacity Building KPPRA Muhammad Qasim Khan said “The objective for launching this diploma program by KPPRA in collaboration with GPP is to achieve the goal of capacitating the government functionaries in public procurement process in order to address expertise deficit in public sector.  

This program is also aimed at providing experts to corporate sector of the province and an opportunity for students seeking future career opportunities”.

Speaking on the occasion chief guest MPA Ghazan Jamal said main objective for launching diploma program by KPPRA was to achieve the goal of capacitating the government officials in public procurement process and to provide procurement certified professionals to the market with special focus on public sector procurement, so as to ensure transparency, timeliness and value for money. 

Launching of diploma program by engaging with public sector academic Institute is a unique initiative of its kind as no such program has ever been showcased by any procurement regulatory authority in the country. The authority after a detailed deliberations and consultations with different institutions including NUST, CIPs and IBA with few others are offering supply chain programs have developed course contents.  

The IMSciences after necessary approvals from Academic Council has advertised the diploma program both for public and private sector. The aim is to institutionalize the discipline towards a specialized field being a major component of Public Financial Management (PFM). 

“This program now complement PFM course which is also for government officials of KP and Baluchistan, we are supporting training of public financial management specialist, this complement to parallel until end of this project hopefully another two years we can look back and say we have hundreds of people who are well advanced in managing public finance, procurement, auditing, accounting and all the discipline that helped managing our finances properly,” said Raymond Muhula Senior Public Sector Specialist.

This program has been introduced in partnership with Governance Policy Project (GPP-MDTF). KPPRA has developed course contents and will oversee the program, as a whole while IMSciences will mainly provide the logistics and execution of the program.  

The ceremony was also attended by Director IMSciences Dr Muhammad Mohsin, faculty members and officials of KPPRA.--APP

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