Prof Imran Khan appointed as Pro-VC, UET Mardan

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MARDAN: Well-known academic and researcher Prof Dr Imran Khan has been appointed as Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Mardan.

As per a notification issued from the Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Friday, the competent authority has appointed Prof Dr Imran Khan, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, UET Mardan, as Pro-Vice Chancellor, UET Mardan for a period of 2 years with immediate effect.

It is worth to mention here that with a substantial background in electrical engineering, he has served on several key roles in academia. He has been an active member of the UET Mardan faculty since September 2004. Alongside teaching responsibilities, he has undertaken various administrative roles in the university, including Acting Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Coordinator Mardan Campus of the UET Peshawar, and Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering.

Through his robust academic foundation, valuable research contribution, and extensive leadership experience, Prof Imran Khan has left a profound impact on the realms of electrical engineering and higher education in Pakistan. His unwavering commitment to academic excellence and leadership across diverse roles continue to shape the educational landscape of the UET Mardan.

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