Finland, Pakistan business communities to expand cooperation

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ISLAMABAD: Finland-Pakistan Business Council (FPBC) organized the 10th edition of its legacy Finland Pakistan Business Summit 2023 in Islamabad here on the other day. This year, the summit primarily focused on expanding cooperation in energy and education sectors to boost bilateral trade, investment and exchange of technical expertise for shared growth and development.

The summit was inaugurated by the ambassador of Finland to Pakistan, Hannu Ripatti, while the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi chaired an important session, titled ‘Future of Energy Landscape in Pakistan’. More than 20 Finnish companies participated in the summit, which was also attended by prominent business owners, business representatives, entrepreneurs and corporate executives from Pakistan.

The panelists emphasized the need for Pakistan to replicate the Finnish model in enhancing its reliance on renewable energy and excellence in education, professional training and gender equality for socioeconomic success. They also highlighted the need for Pakistan to facilitate investment and a steady transfer of innovative technologies and technical expertise by realigning its regulatory regime to strengthen its energy and other key business sectors.

Speaking at the summit, the ambassador of Finland to Pakistan, Hannu Ripatti expressed his pleasure at the level of business cooperation between Pakistan and Finland. He said that Pakistan could capitalize on this cooperation for its socioeconomic growth as Finland was the gateway to the EU market and had immense technical expertise to help Pakistani business and education sectors.

Sharing his thoughts, the chairman of Finland Pakistan Business Council and the Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Finland, Wille Eerola said that Finland and Pakistan had friendly ties, further strengthened by their shared ambition for growth and development, adding that this year, they were organizing the summit in Islamabad and Karachi to bring Finnish and Pakistani business communities together so they could discuss and explore opportunities for collaboration.

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