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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of interaction with http://www.sunrisetoday.pk are very straight forward and have been originated in good faith to bridge the Company and its users by making a pleasant mutual relationship among them, therefore, all the users must read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the website:

1) News content published on our website must be used only for updating yourselves about the current affairs, while copying any news story or article of the website without prior permission will lead to violation of Copyright Law and action may be taken against such law violator, however, link of any content may be shared.

2) We appreciate commenting on our news content by users; however, all the comments should be meaningful, serious and relevant to the topic, while irrelevant, hateful and uncivilized comments will not be entertained and we reserve the right to delete any comment violating our community interaction policy.

3) Furthermore, damaging or any attempt to affect the security or privacy of the website by any user is an offence and the Company will take appropriate legal action by lodging a case with the concerned authorities against him/her according to the law.