Educating the people must for safeguarding the kidneys: Dr Liaqat Ali

Aqib Hussain

PESHAWAR: Internationally recognized urologist, researcher and medical educationist Dr Liaqat Ali has said that prevention is better than cure while early treatment of kidney diseases was very important to avoid further health complications, adding that there was a dire need for avoiding junk foods, tobacco use, alcohol usage and adopting healthy habits with nutritious food to live a good and fit life.

He expressed these views while giving an interview to the Sunrise Today, here on Wednesday. He stated, “Encouraging oral fluids intake so as one is able to pass 2 liters of urine on daily basis is good advice for the patients who already have a history of renal stones diseases and if one does not comply with this precaution, the rate of recurrence is 25% and one can reduce this rate to 9% only in 5 years, if he/she abides by this preventive measure to take plenty of fluids so as he/she is able to excrete 2 liters of urine that makes almost 8 glasses.”

He continued that one may take any fluid but it should always be remembered that 50% of it must be plain water, while 2 hours after the meals drinking a glass of water for urological patients was also a very good practice to keep himself/herself healthy, adding that regarding oncology, even the prevention of smoking or tobacco use in any form could significantly reduce the uro-oncological incidences like bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

“Yearly kidney checkup by a professional doctor is highly important for everyone in the prevailing situation, however, if one feels any emergency or a dangerous symptom, he/she may consult an experienced kidney specialist to treat the problem in time as delay is not in his/her favor, therefore, public should take appropriate care of their kidney health as kidneys are a great blessing of almighty Allah upon human beings,” maintained the famous urologist.

He also advised, “Eating oxalate foods cause the formation of kidney stones while using tobacco products such as cigarette, naswar, paan and hookha etc. lead to kidney cancers, therefore, people should avoid such habits to safeguard themselves against the aforementioned dangerous health conditions.”

In his message to public, Dr Liaqat Ali told that all the kidney patients should not go to quack-run clinics and healthcare centers for the treatment, but consult only qualified, professional and experienced kidney doctors, emphasizing that it was the right time to promote professionalism in order to cure and heal the ailing community.

It is worth mentioning that Dr Liaqat Ali is an associate professor at the Institute of Kidney Diseases, Hayatabad, Peshawar. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of urology and the allied health sciences, while he is considered one of the finest urologists in Pakistan, particularly the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

After doing MBBS from the Khyber Medical College (KMC) Peshawar, he did FCPS (Urology) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He has authored 60 plus research papers which have been published in accredited national and international journals, whereas he has given more than 100 presentations on national and international level. Besides, he is also the editor of 5 research journals, including 2 international journals.

Apart from this, he has performed a large number of complex surgeries at the Institute of Kidney Diseases, especially the surgeries related to complicated kidney stones and cancers etc. Moreover, he is the lead surgeon from the whole Southeast Asia by BCM, USA on regenerative research and by NUST, Islamabad on Nanotechnology.

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