SMEs are the future of Pakistan, says Rashid Aman

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PESHAWAR: The Provincial Chief, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, Rashid Aman has stated that small and medium businesses had a very great importance for economy as most of the people were associated with these setups that’s why the development of economy through strengthening SMEs was the utmost priority of the government and all the available resources were being utilized in this regard.

He stated this while talking to the Sunrise Today, here on Monday. The SMEDA provincial chief said that without empowering SMEs no economy could make satisfactory progress and a good example was of China which had developed through promoting the cottage industry, adding that the economy of Pakistan was also adopting a vibrant SMEs culture and without such transformation we would be unable to do sufficient economic development.

Highlighting the efforts of SMEDA in SMEs promotion, he told that small and medium enterprises had always been a top priority of SMEDA, currently there were few important projects going on to strengthen and promote the small and medium businesses in the country, saying that the federal government had launched the National Business Development Program to develop the private sector and boost up the economy.

Sharing the details, he stated that NBDP was a great initiative of the government, adding that under the aforementioned program 5 types of grants were being provided to deserving business persons and currently the Small Business Grant for Early-stage Start-ups was open to apply that aimed to provide financial support to entrepreneurs to meet the capital or operational needs of their businesses.

“PKR 500,000 are being provided to a selected business person in terms of purchasing machinery or equipment to carry out the operations or production. Last date of applying for this grant is November 1, 2021. Early stage entrepreneurs may apply to it to get benefited from this amazing financial opportunity,” continued the SMEDA provincial chief.

He further stated that interested persons might call on 042-111763111 or visit the website to know about the details while it was to be remembered that only online applications would be entertained, saying that SMEDA website and Facebook page might also be visited for further details and updates about the upcoming funding opportunities.

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