Don’t hate drug addicts, says Zubair Khan

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PESHAWAR: Well-known psychologist M Zubair Khan has expressed his big concerns over the deteriorating state of mental health in Pakistan and said that it was the time to prioritize the treatment of psychological disorders; otherwise it would lead the country to a very disastrous situation of which remedy would be very difficult.

He expressed these views while giving an interview to Sunrise Today here on Friday. He stated that generally people didn’t give importance to their psychological issues as they give to other health issues, that’s why the ratio and intensity of mental health problems were very high in our society which needed proper addressal.

While pointing out a very important issue, Zubair Khan told that mostly the public hate drug addicts in our society, however, it was not a good norm, actually they were innocent people who went through a very miserable and hard phase of life in which they needed attention and care of their families and relatives to take them out of the curse of addiction and the dirty environment in which they live.

To a question, he replied that drug addiction was a treatable problem and it was a wrong perception that a drug addict could never be recovered, however, the treatment must be done from a standard mental healthcare center as recovery from drug abuse needed a lot of facilities, services and expertise, adding that the government should prioritize the treatment of drug addicts on emergency basis.

He maintained that people who went through any psychological issue such as depression, anxiety and substance addiction etc. should consult a mental health expert in time to treat their problems in the right time as delay in consultation may cause more and more complications in the treatment and recovery.

Psychologist Zubair Khan stressed that the government and the concerned authorities should give priority to the mental health of the people, adding that they should follow the mental healthcare models of other countries who had achieved much more in this regard and as a result the ratio and intensity of psychological disorders were very low over there.

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