Retired employees of AUP demand commutation

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PESHAWAR: A number of retired employees of the Agriculture University Peshawar (AUP) have demanded of the university administration to immediately provide their commutation and other retirement benefits as they were deprived of them for the last three years.

While talking to Sunrise Today here on Wednesday, Prof Dr Subhan Qureshi, the convenor of the retired employees group, said that prolonged delay in the payment of their commutation had very much disturbed them financially as most of the members of the group did not have any other source of income, except the university employment service.

He stated that commutation was the only hope of the government employees at the end of their service which help them in construction of houses for their families and weddings of their kids, however, the retired faculty members of the AUP had been denied payment of their commutation since long which had pushed them towards unbearable hardships.

Prof Subhan further stated that such situation created by the AUP administration was unlawful and condemnable, therefore, the administration must prioritize the issue and pay the commutation along with other liabilities to all the retired employees of the university on emergency basis as it was their due right.

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  1. Naseer Ahmad Jun-09-2021 11:09:pm

    The United States wanted to change the federal structure of Constitution of Pakistan. There is a perception that the draft of 18th Amendment came from abroad, which has gained currency when one look its impact on higher education, which was a federal subject till 2010. When the draft of this imported amendment to the constitution was deliberated by the parliamentary committee, two members of parliament Barrister S.M Zafar and Barrister Wasim Sajad opposed devolution of Higher Education to provinces on. In their dissent note they argued that federating units, particularly the smaller provinces cannot shoulder the responsibility of Higher Education. Hence the financial insolvency of Public Sector universities, although ANP leaders eulogize the amendment as " khpla khwara khpalikhtiar."

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