Workshop on infection prevention and control held at KTH

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PESHAWAR: Infection Prevention and Control Training Workshop was arranged by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Khyber Medical University (KMU) at Khyber Teaching Hospital (MTI-KTH) here on Saturday to develop infection prevention and control teams in every unit of the hospital.

During the workshop, special training was given to the doctors, nurses and paramedic staff of the different units of the hospital so that later on they could implement and evaluate infection prevention and control strategies in their respective sections.

Assistant Prof Dr Awais Naeem, Assistant Prof Dr Fahad Naim, Assistant Prof Dr Hamza Ali Khan and Nursing Manager Azmat Pasha served as master trainers at the workshop, while Dr Abdul Jalil Khan, WHO’s consultant advisor and Assistant Prof of Family Medicine at KMU shared his professional experience.

In the workshop, the participants were given hands on training on introduction to basic concepts and practical aspects of IPC, disinfection and sterilization, environmental cleaning, health case waste management, hand hygiene, PPE protocol, transport and burial in context of Covid-19 and protection of health workers, infection prevention and control in Covid-19.

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