Pension of PMRC retirees must be restored: Meraj Humayun

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PESHAWAR: Former MPA and senior leader of PML-N Meraj Humayun has said that 200 plus retired employees of the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) now Pakistan Health Research Council (PHRC) had not been paid their pensions since January 2019 which was a very inhuman attitude of the concerned authorities and the government should take notice of this problem immediately.

While talking to the Sunrise Today here on Friday, the former MPA and PML-N senior leader said that depriving retired employees of their pensions for around two years was a big injustice and against the norms of humanity, adding that most of them were entirely dependent on their pension and that was the only source of their survival in the old age but unfortunately the non-issuance of the pension had kept their dignity and lives at stake.

She further stated that they had sent several applications to the Secretary Health, Minister of Health and Prime Minister through different sources as well as on the Citizen Portal but none had responded them, saying that the Prime Minister Imran Khan should take notice of this serious issue and resolve it by restoring the pensions of retired employees.

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