Two books of Dr Yaseen Iqbal published on Amazon

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PESHAWAR: The two books of renowned physicist Prof Dr Yaseen Iqbal Yousafzai, Chairman, Department of Physics, University of Peshawar, have been published on Amazon.

The first book, titled ‘Education for Socioeconomic Development (for the developing societies)’ is equally useful for the students, teachers, parents and policymakers and for the research scholars; methods of writing M.Phil and Ph.D thesis as well as manuscript publication have also been written in it.

The book tells about the reasons which hindered the socioeconomic development and progress in the developing societies and the possible ways to address them properly. The publication can be accessed through the link:

Similarly, another book, titled ‘Gold and Guns, today and yesterday and the way towards a bright future’ is about the political and socioeconomic situation of Pakhtunkhwa and the general attitude of Pakhtuns. In the publication, the behaviors of several rulers and local politicians towards Pakhtuns have been discussed in details. It can be accessed at:

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