Amendments in Universities Act unacceptable: Riaz Yousafzai

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PESHAWAR: Riaz Khan Yousafzai, General Secretary, People's Students Federation (PSF), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has strongly opposed the drafted amendments in the Universities Act by the provincial government and said that the aim of this step was just to curtail the autonomy of the universities and institutes of higher education, however, they would not accept it and would resist as much as they can.

In a press release issued on Monday, the PSF provincial general secretary stated that if the government would end the autonomy of the universities, their administrative and educational matters would be paralyzed, adding that the government had made the universities as the laboratories of new administrative experiments due to which the institutions were going towards destruction and failure.

He said that the people had voted PTI in the name of educational emergency, but its government has destroyed the educational institutions by closing the doors of education for the poor. He also demanded the government to withdraw the said amendments on immediate basis otherwise they would start a movement against it to save the universities from anti-education acts.

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