Candidates express concerns over VC selection criteria

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PESHAWAR: A number of candidates for the positions of vice chancellors at various public sector universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have shown big reservations on the selection criteria set by the Academic Search Committee.

According to these candidates, the criteria for the post of vice chancellor made by the Academic Search Committee are very weak and beyond understanding as there is no specific standard has been mentioned to examine the status of any candidate’s ability.

“After shortlisting of the candidates for the interviews, many of us were shocked when saw a miserable situation in the list that many talented, creative and highly experienced candidates were given very low marks by some of the members of the Academic Search Committee,” a candidate told on the condition of anonymity.

He continued that it was very astonishing to see that most of the candidates who had given high marks during shortlisting, had not done any major research projects as compared to other candidates, adding that these high marks candidates even did not participate in any workshops, seminars and conferences conducted in Pakistan as well as abroad.

An another candidate emphasized that standard criteria for the awarding of marks during shortlisting and interviews were need of the time as there would be created too much disappointment among the talented candidates, if they were ignored in the process.

The candidates also demanded the provincial government, HEC and other higher authorities to take notice of this situation and set a remarkable standard for examining the candidatures for the posts of vice chancellors in all the public sector universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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