Iftar event held at Piyali restaurant

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PESHAWAR: A local restaurant, Piyali hosted a lavish Iftar dinner for local social media influencers here on the other day to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

The event was attended by food enthusiasts from all around the city, who indulged in a mouth-watering feast of traditional and desi food. The buffet featured a variety of dishes, including succulent kebabs, biryanis and curries, as well as a range of other tasty dishes and desserts. The guests were also served with an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

Briefing the guests, the Piyali team told that the restaurant’s chefs were working hard to ensure that every dish was perfectly cooked and seasoned, adding that the event was a big success that bloggers and influencers positively reviewed the delicious food and excellent service of the restaurant.

“As the month of Ramadan starts, every year Piyali continues its tradition of Iftar and Sehri buffets and special events with something new for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a food lover or just looking to experience the essence of Ramadan, Piyali is the perfect place to be,” the restaurant’s team further added.

While giving feedback to the Piyali team, the social media influencers responded that the atmosphere at the restaurant was very welcoming and attractive and it was a great opportunity for everyone in the city to come and enjoy the blessings of Ramadan here.

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